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Americano vs. Filter Coffee

Have you ever stood at Vida e Caffé or Aroma, telling the barista your order for one filter coffee and then suddenly hearing another patron requesting an Americano? Do you ever think that guy’s Americano sounds so much better than your boring old filter coffee?

With fifteen years of knowledge in our cup, we have defined what an Americano is and what makes it different to a filter coffee. We can provide you with both options from our wide range of coffee machines. Let’s get down to it.

An Americano is an espresso diluted with hot water. You start preparing your Americano by filling your cup with hot water. This allows the hot water to cool a little whilst you are preparing the espresso. Now pour the espresso on top of the hot water. Pouring the espresso on top of the water will give you the most crema and you avoid the chance of burning your espresso. What is crema? Well in the world of coffee, crema is a little bit of a Holy Grail. Coffee folks are talking about it all the time, searching for it, measuring their technique, equipment and coffee by it. The Crema is that rich golden layer on top of the coffee and is formed when air is trapped in the oils released from the ground coffee during brewing.

A filter coffee is usually made with a filter coffee maker. Gravity does the work here for you and there is no pressure used unlike with an Espresso. Hot water (not boiling) is running through a filter into a glass pot or vacuum flask. You can also use a permanent filter for a completely different flavour. The glass pot used for filter coffee is only good for about 20 minutes. Heating the coffee any longer will result in bitterness and staleness.

If you truly value good coffee and care about what you drink then the Americano is the way to go. Your coffee beans are freshly ground which means they will provide you with a much better taste, quality of coffee and crema!


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