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Avoiding Stampeding Coffee Break Buffalos

Being a barista can be a thankless task, especially with a full house and customers that have reached the end of their patience level and NEED their coffee in office coffee break!

This at times can be quite frustrating for the poor John Doe that is trying to provide you with a top quality cup of flavour.  Unfortunately, to the average man in the street, a barista is only known as a person that brings you that cup of relief. But in actual fact, being a barista requires technical skill and passion. The knowledge of flavours, beans, the machine and lastly knowing that the grinder could be the difference between a good cup of coffee and a poor one.

Allow us to educate you! The great goliath grinder is what converts a rich flavoured bean to an aroma infused espresso powder. Single minded powder with one goal – to create a beautiful creamy espresso extraction, the core of any good cup of coffee. Yes, the calibration of your grinder determines how fine your coffee powder is, which in turn affects how the water percolates through the compressed coffee powder to give you that desired flavour.

Powder that is not fine enough, will lack flavour and deprive you of quality coffee satisfaction. Not a pleasant thought! Powder that is too fine, will force to gulp down a bitter, over-extracted cup of horror.

Your solution: find a coffee shop, a good barista and then wait in line, being pushed and shoved by irritable stampeding “buffalos” racing for that thirst quenching caffeine fix. Alternatively, invest in a quality coffee machine. Yes, quality coffee machines have their own programmable “barista” that serves you! No more racing out the office to be first in line…only to be scolded by your boss for exceeding your half hour coffee break… and no more waiting in line
when you just want to throw up your feet and enjoy a good cup of coffee in the serenity of your own home.

Coffee machines are great for the office and great for your home. The extraction time for a coffee is 20 seconds, allowing you to grab that quality cup of coffee in the quiet of your office coffee break!

You’ll also be avoiding the stampeding buffalo herd looking for coffee!

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