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New Life List for Coffee Lovers

Coffee Lovers, New Life List: Year in and year out, most of us do the same old things. To try change our ways, we may even create a list of “to do’s” – a list filled with activities, events and lifestyle improvements, and we may even believe that this powerful list will bring forth those new experiences – but so often we never seem to get a firm hold on them.

Look at another list – better known as the good old, but not so faithful, New Year’s Resolution list. Each New Year’s Eve, we look forward to a year destined to be different, our “golden year” where we get to live the life we envisioned in our childhood days. The core problem with this life changing list is that for some reason it never seems to be followed through.

Now, before you retreat and withdraw into a feeling of despondency, shake your head (just to get those creativity juices flowing) and start compiling your new “Things to do List”, or what I call, your “New Life List”.

The main reason for ditching the “now or never” New Years Resolution list and replacing it with the new and improved “at your hearts desire” New Life list, is down to one simple fact – the cave man instinct. People act on desire, impulse and emotion. When I look at those around me, it is clear that all the things one has to do are never as appealing as those one would like to do!

So here’s an example of my “New Life List” – but take note that this is the list of a true coffee fanatic..

1. Meet (not stalk) your favourite local entertainment personality – nothing like sending over an espresso to break the ice.
2. Diarise important dates and meetings – a true gem for keeping appointments (and friends) at a favourite coffee bar.
3. Gather a group of friends and go coffee bar hopping – this one ensures no jail time.
4. Go to the beach at every opportunity and sip away on a delicious iced coffee.
5. Learn to have a 3rd language conversation – you never know when your next order for a Caf Latte might depend on it.
6. Buy a brand new coffee machine – what could be better than to spoil friends with quality cappuccino’s, macchiato’s, etc.
7. Travel on an adventure – bundu bashing in Brazil while dancing on the fresh soil of a coffee farm.

It is clear that the world of coffee can put quite a spin on things, even to those who might not currently see coffee the way I do! Go on, live a little!

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