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Coffee Machine Rentals

Short Term Coffee Machine, Coffee Vending Machine and Filter Coffee Machine Rentals

Rent coffee machines: Frontier is proud to offer various coffee machines on short term rental periods for conferences, events and other periods where a good cup of coffee is a must! Everything from the coffee to the machine to the sugar and milk and even a trained barista is available on request to ensure that all your guests are well watered (and caffeined). The best thing about this is that we can take care of everything. Rent coffee machines with ease from us.

Choice 1: Coffee Vending Machine:

Coffee Vending Machines are a great option for those events which require quick and easy coffee at cost-effective prices and where there is no-one to operate the machine. These vending machines offer a minimum of 7 drink selections and can hold anything from 80-250 cups before needing refilling. What makes it even better is that all the products are stored within the machine so there is no messy sugar or milk lying around after a few cups have been made. Vending machines offer instant coffee, bean coffee, hot chocolate, espresso, and cappuccinos just to name a few.

Choice 2: Automatic Espresso Machines:

Espresso Machines are a must for those events where the quality of the drink in the cup is of high importance. Espresso machines use fresh milk and fresh coffee beans to dispense restaurant quality coffee based drinks at the touch of a button. You don’t need to be a qualified barista to be able to make cappuccinos or lattes -the machine does it all for you. Easy to see why people rent coffee machines for such functions.

Choice 3: Filter Coffee/ Pour-over :

If your budget is a bit tighter but the quality of coffee is still very important, look at the filter coffee option. The machines brew fresh filter coffee at the touch of a button and need very little attention. Each machine can brew 2 litres of coffee at a time and we will provide as many thermos flasks as you need to ensure that your coffee is kept hot and fresh at all time. If you have a bigger function where rapid distribution of drinks is necessary, this is definitely the way to go.

Terms and Conditions to rent coffee machines:

  • Frontier will deliver and install the machine as well as provide all necessary training on how to use the machine for a daily price.
    This fee also includes the removal of the machine at the end of the rental period.
  • The client will be held liable for any negligent damage to Frontier property or theft.
  • All products used during the rental period will be supplied by Frontier.

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