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Coffee Machine Repairs

Coffee machine maintenance and repairs are part and parcel of owning a coffee machine. They are precision machines. Just like a car, they need to be maintained and serviced.

Routine Servicing

Coffee machines maintenance is needed at specific intervals. They have a number of moving parts that wear over time. Grinder blades are a good example. These wear every time a coffee is made and even of they do not need replacing, they do need to be reset to maintain the quality of the grind.

Brewer o-ring seals are another item that must be replaced regularly. Failure to do so results in reduced pressure when making espresso and a poor espresso outcome.

Mixing bowls and whipper motors have seals that wear with use too.

For these reasons, you need a good coffee machine maintenance service centre that advises you when cofee machine maintenance is due. It must also be fast and thorough.

Unplanned Repairs

A good quality coffee machine will not fail often. Take care to select a decent machine and here, we will help you to understand what machines are better than others.

Of course, parts break randomly and must be replaced. Electrical surges are not predictable but they will damage your coffee machine. While they are are not your fault or the machine manufacturers, this is a critical failure.

Your supplier must have a good spare store and must be staffed with competent technicians. Coffee machine maintenance times differ between suppliers and so does the difficulty of getting your machine to them and then getting it back.

We will pick up and drop off your coffee machine. We have over R1m in spares in stock and our technicians are factory trained.

Saving Money

Save yourself some money by doing basic coffee machine maintenance routines by yourself. We show you how to keep your coffee machine well maintained.

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