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Coffee Machine Services: For most of us, our home coffee machines and office coffee vending machines are the wall plug that we plug ourselves into as the sun rises. They help us get through the day and its a real blinder when you press the magical “cappuccino” button and nothing happens! At that moment, it’s not a place for young children… *&$#$^*&!!!

The first thing that is blamed is the machine and yes, they do go wrong no matter what the brand or whether they are made in Hong Kong, Los Angeles or Milan. But that’s only half the story, or maybe just 10% of the story because the biggest cause of coffee machine failures is human error! What? Really?

Yes it’s true! Coffee machines and coffee machine services are only as reliable as they are treated. Just like an aircraft, they need regular care and they certainly need good cleaning protocols. This is where the quality of the company you buy or rent from becomes critical.

First, if they are not on the ball, you’ll get a machine that is poorly set up. That means that from Day 1 you’ll have problems with your coffee machine. Sounds crazy, but how are you, the consumer, supposed to know that if the water and the powder flows are not correctly synchronised that not only will you get blockages, but you’ll be putting strain on various components like the mixing motors. Simple error, many problems.

Second, if the training that your supplier gives you on how to operate the machine is inadequate…you’ll struggle to keep it running in the way it was designed to run. We’ve seen people put ingredients in the wrong canisters and wonder why the cappuccino tastes like sweetened hot chocolate…! We also commonly fix machines that have been incorrectly cleaned because the owner had never been told that the boiler might scale up and eventually it burns out. Expensive mistake!

Third, when things go wrong, how long does it take your service provider to fix it? We’ve heard horror stories. The worst are those where a supplier has imported 10 machines from some manufacturer, sold them and then disappeared. Where do you get spares? Then even with well known brands, not every supplier is going to give you the service you want.

Companies like Ciro that have been around for years have had to offer great service to survive. Sure, having staff on call to sort out problems within 8 hours or 24 hours costs money and so many of these companies are not the cheapest, but think about it – BMW’s cost a tad more than a Hyundai i10 …but you get what you pay for don’t you?

Finally, there are the ingredient deliveries. Can you trust your supplier to deliver on time? What if the coffee has run out and you NEED a cup! Again, don’t look just at the price but at the reputation of the supplier. You may be getting cheaper coffee because your supplier has one clapped out car that is used to deliver every coffee order and you’ll be waiting until he reaches you! …breakdowns included!

If your coffee machine is your life support system…think twice about those service promises…especially those you shouldn’t believe!

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