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Dallmayr Consumables – Coffee & Milk

It is obvious that what you put into your coffee machine, is what you will get out. What is not well understood is just how much of an impact these consumables have. So for that reason, we provide you with frequent consumable updates.

Coffee Consumables

Coffee is one of the three critical consumables that must be managed carefully. If you like strong coffee, you need to be sure that the coffee you use will give you deep tastes.

You will need to look at the bean blend and the roast profile and our consumable updates will provide information on both.

Remember, bean blends are made up of two parts, the bean origin and the bean variety, Arabica or Robusta

Milk Consumables

The second critical component in a coffee is milk.

If you use fresh milk, what difference will full ceam milk or low fat milk have? If you use a powdered milk, is it a full cream milk powder, skim milk powder or some other composition?

Don’t forget, not all milk powders mix well in a coffee machine. If you get this wrong, your milk powder will clog.

Our consumable updates  guide you to the best products.


This is the component that is least regarded, but still very critical. Water comprises the major part of your coffee. Make sure it is good.

We include water filters in our consumable updates and encourage you to replace your filters at prescribed intervals. You need a filter that removes taints like chlorine, algal metabolic taints and dirt.

Other Consumables

Don’t forget that coffee machines can make wonderful hot chocolate and flavoured latte drinks too. White chocolate and hazelnut latte are very popular! Then don’t forget the cups! Keep checking here for the latest consumable updates and stay current. These will include updates to the hot chocolate range, tea range, latte powder range and cleaning chemicals.

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