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Distributors Wanted

Pay Your Own Salary Each Month!

We are looking for independent distributors across South Africa who want to run their own business, or add our products to an existing business, with our support.

Most people love coffee and are prepared to pay for it. So the coffee business can be a good business IF run the right way. We started ours from a garage and a car boot 17 years ago and in that time we have grown it into a national business with JSE listed companies as clients, exclusive international coffee machine suppliers and our own coffee roasting … BUT … during these 17 years, we have also seen countless companies and one-person shows come and… GO!

We’ve made our mistakes and learned how to be successful through sweat and tears. We now want you to experience the thrill of running your own business and paying your own salary, or adding to your existing business, with as much sweat and as few tears as possible….

Join our extended family!

So, if you are not living in Gauteng or the Cape Metropole area, why not consider joining our extended family and taking on an agency or distributorship in your town or city?

You’ll receive training on how to successfully set-up and manage your coffee business and get access to our coffee machines and consumables at dealer pricing – allowing you to earn a good living while enjoying the thrill of running your own business!

Who are we looking for?

We will not just offer this opportunity to anybody. It takes hard work and perseverance to start and grow a business and it is not for everyone. It’s also a road we walk together with you and when we back you to run your business, we will be investing a huge amount of time and effort and we need you to succeed.

We have a very specific selection process for distributors and it starts with you needing to have a sales or technical background. Like most start-ups, you personally, will be running a business, making sales, repairing coffee machines and praying a good deal and so we need you to also have a history of hard work and achievement. If you have managerial experience in addition to this sales or technical expertise, so much the better.

So, if you have been retrenched, retired recently, run your own business and want to add to it, or have a need to do your own thing, and you have 10 years experience of running your own business OR being in a senior sales position OR working in a technical management position…. and you live in or near one the places below we would be happy to hear from you.

You coud be selling or renting these Vicenza Coffee Machines to small offices, garages, dealerships. hotels, guesthouses…
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Where you need to live

We are looking for agents and distributors in the following areas:

Newcastle; Richards Bay; Durban; Drakensberg area; Kimberley; Rustenburg and Mahikeng.

Next Steps:

To be clear, if you live in or near one of these towns, meet the requirements above, and would like to discuss what might be possible, why not email us at:

In your email, please briefly tell us about yourself and your experience and why you want to become a distributor.

Our Promise

If you live in, or near one of the places listed and have the background we list above, and set that out clearly in your mail, we promise to contact you within a day!

We will not respond to anyone who does not meet the above criteria and mails us… we’ve got a business to run and real distributors to support!

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