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Coffee Machines in Potchefstroom

We sell, rent and repair coffee machines in Potchefstroom

So if you live in Potchefstroom and you are looking for quality coffee machines then you are in the right place. In fact we service the entire North West Province.

We offer you local service and a range of coffee machines that will meet your needs and your budget!

Just have a look on our site at the coffee machine you would like and give us a call or contact us here. We’ll have our local distributor in Potchefstroom get in touch with you to see how we can help you.

We have a range of well priced coffee machines for homes. For those in business, we have office coffee machines that include fully automatic coffee machines and coffee vending machines. If you are a restaurant or guest house we can offer you coffee machines that will offer fast and professionally made coffee.

Our repair centre is just outside Potchefstroom so you don’t need to worry about being left without a coffee machine should you need a coffee machine repair.

If you need coffee, we supply that too and you can choose from a number of blends and tastes. Our coffee is manufactured in a hygiene approved facility that also supplies Wimpy and Mugg and Bean. So you can be certain it is of the highest quality and loved buy all South Africans.

So, don’t delay. As u ‘n koffiemasjien in Potchefstroom benodig, skakel ons.

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