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The Presso touch screen coffee maker is the perfect machine for small offices and homes. With a 220g bean hopper, 1.7l water tank and one-touch cappuccino capability, this touch screen beauty will keep you in great coffee! We retail this machine for R13990 (+VAT). Read more about it in our “Coffee Machines” section or ask your Sales Executive for more information on our new Presso coffee genius.

Frontier Coffee has a wide variety of coffee machines to suit your business’ needs.

Automatic Coffee Machines: These coffee makers use fresh milk and coffee beans and can make between 20 and 100 cups per fill.

Coffee Vending Machines: Our coffee vending machines can either use instant coffee such as Nestle Nescafe, Ricoffy, a Jacobs Kronung type coffee or use fresh coffee beans. These coffee makers produce between 150 and 250 cups per fill.

Yes, we have coffee vending machines that make use of fresh coffee beans using a built-in grinder. You can choose your own coffee beans to put in, but we suggest making use of our Trovato brand that has been specially perfected for our coffee vending machines.

We have various rental options available for businesses:

1. Rent on a monthly basis and simply pay us directly each month

To qualify for this rental option, your company will need to provide  company details and apply for a credit account.

2. Enter into a finance lease agreement with a finance house and pay them monthly.

To qualify for this rental option, your company will need to provide a copy of cancelled bank cheque and letterhead, copy of Directors/Members/Individuals’ Identity Documents, brief profile on your Company, latest Annual Financial info and 3 months Bank statements as well as VAT registration.

All rentals come standard with a free maintenance contract that covers repairs if the machine misbehaves. If one of your staff misbehaves … like putting beans in the water container and not the bean hopper… we’ll also repair asap, but that will be at your cost. Fair?

When buying a coffee machine, you will receive a 1 year warranty which can be extended to include a 2 and 3-year warranty.

We also offer VendPlan on coffee vending machines, which is our full maintenance plan that provides your coffee vending machine with the required technical assistance, free call outs and spare parts for repair. However, VendPlan is available only for our clients within our Gauteng and Cape Town service areas.

Should your business be outside our service area, you will receive a 1 year carry-in warranty on your coffee machine that can be extended after the warranty period has expired.

We have service centres in Gauteng and the Western Cape and distributors with sales and technical repair capacity in various towns throughout South Africa. Call us and we can refer you to the nearest distributor to where you are located.

If you are purchasing a coffee machine, but your business is outside Gauteng, we will link you to your nearest distributor. We can also provide installation and technical assistance over the telephone with one of our experienced technicians there to walk you through the process until you have perfected that first cup of coffee. Should your machine have an error or issue that cannot be resolved over the phone, you will need to contact your nearest distributor or bring/ courier the machine to us for analysis. You will then be quoted on what repairs need to take place and your machine will be repaired as quickly as possible and sent back to you.

If your coffee machine rental was financed, you will not automatically become the owner of the equipment. Once your contract has come to an end you can discuss your available options with your Sales Executive and see if you can perhaps renew your contract and maybe upgrade to a new model.

We do offer rent-to-own options, so again, please speak to your Sales Executive to find out more.

Our contracts are of varying length. We look at your requirements and will advise a contract period that makes most sense.

We offer a variety of rental contract types and lengths. You can rent month-to-month or opt for a 12, 24 or 36 month contract. Your Sales Executive will be able to discuss your needs and provide the best set of options for your specific situation.

We do provide coffee machines as short term rentals or for events so call us to find out if we can help out.

Absolutely! We believe that a coffee machine is a long-term investment and just as you would test drive your new car, you should be able to “test drive” your coffee machine, taste the coffee, test the machine and our service, and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Coffee machine demos are on request. You can discuss your needs with your Sales Executive and once the right coffee machine has been decided on, we are more than happy to demo the machine.

Once we have received proof of payment for your machine, we can have it delivered to you within 2 working days.

Should your business be located outside Gauteng we can assist with the courier of your  machine or you can organise collection of your machine.

We can only provide rentals for businesses in South Africa. If you would like to purchase one of our coffee machines, you will need to organise your own transport to your destination country and ensure that it’s a cash sale.

As our machines do come with a guarantee, you would have to transport the coffee machine back to us in Midrand so that we can get one of our technicians to attend to it.

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