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XS Grande Bean Coffee Vending Machine

XS Grande Bean Coffee Vending Machine

  • Bean Coffee Vending Machine.
  • Soluble Milk. Button Operated.
  • 12 Selections.
  • 20l Water Barrel with Pump or Mains Water Connection.
Whole Beans Whole Beans
15-30 15-30
100-150 100-150


Americano Americano
Cappuccino Cappuccino
Chocaccino Chocaccino
Espresso Espresso
Flat white Flat white
Hot chocolate Hot chocolate
Hot water Hot water
Macchiato Macchiato
Mochaccino Mochaccino
Ristretto Ristretto
Sugar Strength Sugar Strength


Instant Coffee
Instant coffee machines use soluble coffee instead of coffee beans. They can make coffee much faster because they do not have to grind coffee to make the cup.

Typical Number of Users
Each coffee machine is designed to serve a certain range of users. Use this as a guide when choosing your coffee machine to ensure it will meet your needs.

Typical Number of Cups per Day
The coffee machine is designed to dispense a certain number of cups each day. This prevents over use and the need to have to constantly refill it with ingredients. Use this as a guide in finding the right machine for your requirements

Simple to use
These coffee makers are as simple to use and to clean as coffee capsule machines (e.g. Nespresso). However, they are far cheaper to use over time than coffee capsule machines given the cost of the coffee capsules themselves. They are the perfect for home or office coffee situations. So,it’s no surprise that coffee roasters and coffee lovers alike, love them. They are backed by our legendary service and maintenance plans.

Portion Control
Every drink is programmable and once set, the coffee machine uses the same amount of ingredients for each drink. This allows you to control your usage of coffee, tea, sugar etc. Saving you money.

Drink Choices
Get a 5 canister instant coffee machine and you can have coffee, milk powder, sugar, hot chocolate and a decaffeinated coffee in your machine. This provides many choices for, your staff and customers.
Choose from black coffee, white coffee, cappuccino, latte, hot chocolate and even a flavoured caramel latte. All of these are delivered fresh and hot to you at the push of a button.

Tea and Coffee
The latest touch screen technology allows tea drinkers to select the strength of their tea using a slider on the screen. Want strong tea or weak tea? Just slide the selector to what you want. Press GO and tea will be brewed to your taste.

If you want coffee, be it made from beans or instant coffee, our tea and coffee vending machine will provide that too. Don’t forget, hot chocolate can be placed in the vending machines too!
We also supply a milk powder that truly replaces fresh milk. This allows tea drinkers to enjoy white tea as if they were pouring in fresh milk.

Choice of blends
Enjoy our Platinum Hotel Mischung and Java Supra Mocca coffee that has been blended for “easy, everyday” drinking. They will appeal to a wide variety of different staff tastes and keep your staff motivated and productive.

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