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Short Term Rentals


Short term rentals

Short Term Rentals – Our coffee machines can be rented on a short term basis, giving you professional quality coffee for your next event.

Whether you need a coffee machine for a single day, a long weekend or up to a month, we can help with a solution to suit your needs.

If you have an event planned and need coffee machines, please call us.

We can supply any number of coffee machines of various types for your event.

Our hire rate includes:

Delivery, setting up and training on how to use the equipment
The daily hire rate
Collection and post-event machine cleaning

We will also supply you with all the consumables you need and will refund you for any unopened products.

Our technical team will always be on call should you run into problems.

We also offer multi-day event rentals, for use at trade shows, promotions and other multi-day events. 

Our service offering remains the same as for a one-day event:

A monthly visit to do deep cleaning of your coffee machine (service plan)
A range of additional equipment, cabinets, external water drums, water filters and milk coolers
Coin, token or card payment systems
Coffee machine cleaning chemicals

As for one day events ,we will also supply you with consumables with your rental.

For multi-day rentals, we will also add in a daily visit to make sure the machine is maintained, since you may not be well enough trained to manage the deeper cleaning needed after a few days operations.

When you need a coffee machine for up to a month, we offer you a “longer short term rental”. This may be because you are moving, operating at a different location, or have a short term staff surge. Perhaps you might even like to try one out before you commit to a longer term rental.

Our offering is exactly the same as for a Multi Day Rental, except we’ll train you more intensively on the use and cleaning of the machine. You’ll need to know a little more than for a rental over a few days, as there are daily and weekly cleaning protocols.

All maintenance is included in our pricing.

Again, we will help you manage your consumable purchasing to ensure you have enough of the right kinds of products.

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