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Sustainability In The Coffee Industry

What does sustainability mean?

The concept of sustainability originally comes from
agriculture: “We shouldn’t cut down more trees
than can grow again!”

The topic of sustainability is all about using natural resources in such away that they are preserved for future generations, in order to secure the basis of people’s existence for the long term.


Concepts of sustainability comprise three levels: the economy, the environment and society. Therefore, sustainable development means bringing social, economic and environmental goals into a balanced and stable equilibrium.

What does Dallmayr do?
Practise our values. Act sustainably.


As a family company, we feel an obligation not only to our employees, but also to the coffee growers and their environment.

We buy green coffee on the basis of long-standing, trusting partnerships and follow an approach which is guided by the long history of the company and its high level of quality awareness.

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