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The Cappuccino Machine for Home and Office

Cappuccino Machine for Home and Office: Many more of us are working from home these days due to Covid-19 and we may be missing our office coffee machine!

Well that no longer needs to be the case because the Presso cappuccino maker has arrived!

This elegant, yet feature packed coffee maker is made for home and small office use. This cross-fit cappuccino machine can make all your favourites. Yes, everything from espresso, flat white, latte, latte machiato, to cappuccino and of course steamed and frothed milk for hot chocolate.

It solves the problem of trying to buy a coffee machine from Makro or any other retailer and finding that while fine for home use, it cannot cope with a small office environment. The Presso is small enough for home kitchen counters and yet strong enough to deliver in the small office.

It is rated for 30 cups a day and so if you have an office of up to 20 staff in your office, reception, dealership etc, then this is the coffee machine for you. It outcompetes the De Longhi coffee machine range on capacity and touch screen selections. So enjoy 16 drink selections knowing you have 1.7l of water in the tank and 250g of coffee beans in the hopper.

Othe features include auto cleaning of milk frother and brew unit. In addition, you are able to take out the brew unit for a quick under the tap rinse. Very useful functionality not available in most other automatic machines and it allows improved hygiene management. You can also set the coffee grinding capability to your taste; and rely on the auto waste tray full, bean container empty and low water alarms.

When you buy a Presso from us for home or office, you also get direct access to our technical field team who will be with you within 8 working hours. No dropping the machine or waiting in a tele-queue trying to get your machine booked in and returned.

The Presso is well priced and backed by a 1 year warranty so call us for a demo to see just how amazing this cappuccino making machine is.