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Why are coffee vending machines so popular?

Coffee vending machines are found just about everywhere these days. Whether you are taking your car for a service, working in a corporate office of buying milk in a convenience store – chances are that you’ll find a coffee vending machine sitting on a counter. Why are they so popular? There are seven good reasons:

1. Cost savings

Each coffee vended contains exactly the same amount of ingredients. This reduces the “heaped-teaspoon-effect” where your tin of coffee can disappear oh so quickly! We find that the biggest saving comes from the reduction in the need for fresh milk as the machine holds powdered milk. The powered mixes are great and can add a really good creamy froth on a cappuccino coffee.

2. Reduction in the…er…unauthorized “borrowing” of ingredients

Ok, we all know that there are some among us that need to remove sugar, coffee and hot chocolate to enjoy later at home… Having the ingredients locked inside a coffee machine cabinet reduces the temptation to do this. Naturally, besides saving your employees and clients from serving time…you’ll also save a fair bit of your coffee budget too!

3. Drink choice

Modern coffee vending machines are not only compact but can offer 8 or more choices that can include anything from an espresso to a cafe latte, moccachino, choccachino, cappuccino and yes, a plan white or black coffee too. Drinks can be selected with or without sugar and milk too, allowing an incredible choice of hot beverages. It’s great to offer clients and staff real choices!

4. Convenience

There is no waiting for the kettle to boil when you have a coffee vending machine. It remains on and ready for the moment you press the button. So be it late at night or early in the morning, you’ll get a hot cup of coffee anytime…and fast! This also adds value in the office environment where getting a quick cup of coffee, means exactly that.

5. Hygiene

In today’s Covid-19 world, these machines hold additional benefits. The coffee machine holds all the ingredients inside airtight canisters, there are no messy Tupperware containers left out on kitchen or pause area tables to attract ants or cockroaches. The machines have automatic rinsing cycles and hot water is flushed through the dispensing pipes and mixing bowls to keep them clean.

6. Reliability

Modern machines are robust and will vend cup after cup without letting you down. All you need to do is keep them clean and to empty the waste containers and replace a few rubber seals every now and then (after all, they are exposed to heat and water!). Oh, don’t forget to add a water filter to prevent scale build up in the boiler and pipes – that really is the kiss of death for a coffee vending machine.

7. Size and Cost

Yes, like everything, coffee vending machines are becoming more compact and relatively cheaper as technology advances. Today you can get more functionality from a small table top model than you could get from a 2m high machine a few years ago.

Pricing is competitive enough to make an investment worthwhile and companies genuinely do make cost savings from the reduction in theft and excessive use of ingredients.

So there you have it – some of the reasons that make coffee vending machines as popular as they are.

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